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Popular Courses

  • Psychological Counseling using REBT
  • Eight-day program on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
  • Six-day program on Working with LGBTQ Community


In RAME, we provide counseling support for individuals facing psychological problems.


We offer a various short term and long term courses and organize workshops on Rational Emotive Education

Support Groups

We conduct support group meeting for various groups to come together and learn to better understand and manage their emotional problems. 

Tailor made courses are available

We design our courses keeping your needs in mind

Why Choose Us?

  • Rational Academy for Mental Health is an exclusive center for Rational Emotive Education
  • Our approach of mental heath intervention follows the philosophies of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
  • The benefits of REBT are long lasting.
  • The core value of RAME is to spread the value of REBT, hence we provide our counselling and training sessions at the lowest price possible.
Excluisve Center for REB

We offer exclusive programs on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Education.

Wide range of courses at affordable fee

We very well understand that many people tend to avoid seeking counseling services because of its expensive nature, hence RAME offers its services at the lowest price possible.

We are Queer friendly

We understand that LGBTQ+ Community is highly prone to mental health issues because of the discrimination they face, since RAME being vibrant in offering courses on 'Gender & Sexuality', we can proudly say that we are queer friendly.


Let us understand more about REB & REBT

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is an active-directive form of Psychotherapy and the first form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy developed by American Psychotherapist Dr. Albert Ellis to address a wide range of emotional disturbances. 

Our day-to-day life is filled with tons of emotions and actions and all these roots from our thought process, hence rational emotive behavior is an important skill which would help us to better manage our thought process, experiencing emotions and behavior and help us to lead more meaningful and healthy life.

Unlike many other form of psychotherapies, REBT focuses on the irrational thinking pattern of a person and aims to resolve it by helping the clients to develop a new healthy belief system. 

No, it is a misconception that one need to be intelligent to practice REBT, REBT is not only rational and action-oriented but also empathetic and realistic which makes it easy to understand for anyone to practice it in their day to day life to lead a healthy living.

REBT can help with a wide range of emotional problems including Depression, Anxiety, Disruptive Behaviors, Post-Trauma Stress Disorder, Self-esteem related issues etc.,