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About Us

Rational Academy For Mental Health Education (RAME) is an exclusive Center for Rational Emotive Behavior Based Mental Health Services. RAME offers Curative Mental Health Services Such as Psychological Counseling as well as Promotive Mental Health Services such as workshops, and mentoring support. All our services are Rational Emotive and Artistic in Nature. 

Rational Emotive Education Program

Rational Emotive Education Program (REEP) is the flagship activity of RAME. We offer mental health education programs such as the ‘Adolescent Wellbeing Program’, and ‘Healthy Parenting Program’ based on the framework of Rational Emotive Education. Our REEP programs are designed to help adolescents and their parents understand the various emotions, emotional disturbances, and rational emotive techniques to handle their emotions and mental health in a better manner. Call us to learn more about our REEP Programs 

Client Testimonials

The certificate course covered all the core concepts of REBT and gave me a thorough understanding of the therapy. I was able to bring a change to my own mindset after the course and I look forward to applying the REBT principles in my life and those around me.

Ms. Tasmin Kurien
To have a new dimension about oneself, others and the world. An awareness program must for everyone. It enables to correct our perceptions, for perception is projection. Mr. Sridhar, the facilitator, uses different properties and resources for a blended learning /realisation process. Salutations & Hats off

Dr.A. Geetha
Assistant Professor, CGAC, Tiruppur
The facilitator was an excellent one to make things clear. As I failed to join a session for an Internet problem. He took extra pain to contact me one-on-one and completed the session.

Dr. Debrani Chandrani Choudhury, Counsellor


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