About Us

Rational academy for Mental Health Education (RAME) is an exclusive centre for Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), REBT is a scientifically proven method of psychotherapy which is used to treat psychological problems such as stress, depression, anxiety and other wide range of emotional and behavioural problems.

RAME is committed to provide mental health service such as counselling, Rational Emotive Behavioral  training, Rational Emotive education and research in the field of REBT and mental health.

We offer various short-term and long term programs on Rational Emotive Education. 

Our Services

In RAME, we offer a wide range of mental health services for individuals, groups, students, professionals, vulnerable groups etc.,   

Individual Counseling

We provide counseling for individuals to overcome self-esteem issues, relationship failure, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and other psychological problems.

Group Therapy

A Healthy Group Setting will always encourage a person to identify their strengths, vulnerabilities, coping mechanism and other strategies to lead a healthy life, by keeping this in mind, RAME conducts Group therapy for various groups to ease their journey towards a rational-self.

Courses & Workshops

We offer a wide range of short term and long term program on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Education.
To know more visit our course page.

Support groups & Sensitization Programs

In RAME, we strongly believe in the idea of disseminating the knowledge of mental health to the mass to create a healthy society, hence we organize sensitization programs on various topics such as inclusion of LGBTQ+ Communities, Impact of discrimination on Mental health etc.,. We also organize support group meetings.

Sridhar R, is a counselor and professional social worker,completed Master of Social Work specializing in Medical and Psychiatric social work.

Hello there, thanks for visiting the website of RAME, I am glad to see you here, by seeing your valuable visit to our page, I understand that you are either looking for counseling support or planning to join a course offered by RAME and to help you further on deciding whether we can be a right choice for you, I would like to share about myself and core values of RAME.  I strongly believe that the quality of any product and service is not only depending on the knowledge and experience of the service provider but also on how passionate they are, with this I can very well say that Rational Academy for Mental Health Education (RAME) is built on the grounds of passion and the spirit of continuous learning and work ethics. Also, I would like to briefly share my professional background which may help you better understand me, I worked with different organizations which include the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR-NIE), Solidarity Foundation, Nirangal Charitable Trust. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Madras School of Social Work. In addition to this, I am very much passionate about storytelling and psychosocial research. Well, this is something about me, and thank you so much for visiting RAME, to know more about the courses we offer, please visit our ‘Courses & Workshops page. 

Looking forward to seeing you in our sessions. 

Sridhar R

Counselor &
Professional Social Worker

Numbers Speak

Facilitations & Keynote address
Students and Professionals got sensitized


To have a new dimension about oneself, others and the world. A program must for everyone. It enables to correct our perceptions, for perception is projection. Mr. Sridhar, the facilitator, used different properties and resources for a blended learning /realisation process. Hats off!!!
Dr. A. Geetha
Assistant Professor CGAC, TIRUPPUR.
The certificate course covered all the core concepts of REBT and gave me a thorough understanding of the therapy. I was able to bring a change to my own mindset after the course and I look forward to applying the REBT principles in my life and those around me.
Tasmin Kurien
Student of Masters in Social Work
Facilitator of this program is excellent in making things clear. As I failed to join a session for Internet problem. He took extra effort to contact me one to one and completed the session.
Dr. Debrani Chandrani Choudhury
Counselor Silchar
This program has helped in both a professional and a personal level. From the basics of REBT to its practice, in the eight days the brief overview was covered. The patience of the facilitator made the learning experience a bit more effective. Though virtual, it is effective to understand REBT in an Indian Scenario.
Beulah Praisy
Student of Masters in Social Work​